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Turn Your Hard Work Into Consistent Progress

Workouts that Adapt to Your Growth

Fitbod's AI builds and optmizes ultra-personalized workouts so you make progress in every training session. 

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Data-Backed Workouts

Fitbod's AIlearns from each workout you do so you make more progress every time you train. 

Constant Personalization

Fitbod builds workouts according to your exact preferences and optimizes each with exercise science. 

Advanced Metrics

Fitbod's breakthrough metrics show your strength gains, lifting ability and recovery status. 



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Using Fitbod


Tracked Progress

Watch yourself get stronger with graphs of your metrics, streaks and PRs. 

Personalized Training

Get exercises, reps, sets and weights custom-fit to you and your goals. 

Monitored Recovery

Plan less and progress faster by training around fatigued muscles.  

1,000+ Strong Exercise Library

Master new moves with easy-to-follow instructions and videos, for whatever equipment you have. 

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