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Grow Your Practice with 502 Health

Discover new opportunities to expand your practice and provide better care. Join 502 Health and choose the option that aligns with your goals:

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List Your Products and Services

Boost your practice's visibility with free marketing to over 20,000 monthly visitors. Stand out against larger competitors and rediscover the personal touch with your patients through our decentralized platform.

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Join the 502 Health Network

Collaborate with a network of physicians facilitating orders for medical necessity and ongoing clinical care. As an independent contractor, you retain control under your medical license. 502 Health does not employ providers; we empower them.

Benefits of Listing Your Products and Services

  1. Compete in a Saturated Market:

    • Stand out in a crowded market of direct-to-consumer digital health programs.

    • Leverage the platform to showcase your unique offerings and compete on a level playing field.

  2. Cost-Effective Customer Acquisition:

    • Save on customer acquisition costs that can exceed $350 in other channels.

    • Benefit from 502 Health's extensive reach, with over 20,000 monthly visitors actively seeking health solutions.

  3. Product MVP Testing and Iteration:

    • Test and iterate your product or service with a captive audience without upfront costs.

    • Utilize 502 Health's platform as a valuable testing ground to refine and improve your offerings.

  4. Streamlined Operations and Cost Savings:

    • Replace the need for extensive marketing and sales teams.

    • Decrease overall operational costs by leveraging 502 Health's platform for marketing and customer acquisition.

  5. Faster Payment for Improved Cash Flow:

    • Enjoy quicker payment processing to avoid compromising cash flow.

    • Accelerate revenue streams by tapping into a platform that prioritizes efficient financial transactions.

Listing your products and services with 502 Health not only provides exposure to a broad audience but also offers tangible advantages in terms of cost savings, testing capabilities, and financial efficiency.

Benefits of Joining Network

  1. Alignment with Core Values:

    • Integrity: Joining 502 Health means aligning with a platform that prioritizes integrity in every aspect of healthcare.

    • Customer-Centricity: Embrace a customer-centric approach that focuses on providing the best care and experience to patients.

    • Transparency: Benefit from a transparent system that values clear communication and openness.

    • Decentralization of Care: Experience a shift in the healthcare paradigm, decentralizing care and giving providers the leverage to practice autonomously, free from unnecessary middlemen.

    • You Set the Price: No more price setting by corporations.  Get paid for what you are worth.  

  2. Freedom to Work at Will and Lower Risk Programs:

    • Enjoy the flexibility to work at your own pace and on your terms.

    • Participate in programs with lower risk, allowing you to focus on delivering quality care without unnecessary financial burdens.

  3. Decentralized Decision-Making in Healthcare:

    • Make your own decisions regarding healthcare, free from corporate influence.

    • Embrace a decentralized process that empowers providers to shape the care they deliver, fostering a more patient-centric and personalized approach.

Joining the 502 Health network goes beyond professional collaboration – it's an endorsement of values that prioritize autonomy, transparency, and patient-centric care. As a member, you'll experience the freedom to practice your craft with integrity while contributing to a healthcare ecosystem that values individual decisions and decentralized care.



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