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Welcome to Jase Medical Store: The leading authority in emergency preparedness medications. 

Jase Medical: Your Lifeline in Emergency Medication Preparedness.

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Speak to a provider to decide if prescriptions are medically appropriate for you. 

Jase Case delivered to your door. 

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Be better prepared for whatever comes your way with this compact case holding 5 antibiotics for emergency use. 

Emily, W

Great experience all around. Prompt service, easy choices, smooth platform, great prices! All of this matters, but nothing matters more than being safe in case of an emergency and having a sufficient supply of your life saving medications. Can’t count on gov or hospitals nowadays. Thank you, Jase Medical!

Emily, T

Highly recommend this service! Super easy, fast delivery, peace of mind, and responsive. Really appreciate being able to get my medication I need daily without any hassle!

Samuel, D

JASE Medical customer service team are amazing. I do want to put a special shout out to Ms. Anna. She went above and beyond in reference to my experience navigating the system, understanding the process, and fulfilling my Rx transaction and Doctor communications! Furthermore, the team's internal communication was magnanimous. It is rare that one hand knows what the other hand does in the customer service realm.
She is an asset to this organization and should be recognized for it!!! Well Done all!!!

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