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Introducing the SteadyHand Virtual Medical Home: Your Pathway to Exceptional Remote Care and Empower

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Are you prepared to embark on a healthcare journey that defies conventions and brings exceptional care right to your doorstep? Look no further than the SteadyHand Virtual Medical Home, your gateway to revolutionary healthcare experiences from the comfort of your home.

Our groundbreaking program has been meticulously crafted to empower and nurture patients like you. Through this innovative approach, we provide not only access to compassionate clinicians but also a suite of cutting-edge technologies and tools that redefine care coordination, patient experiences, and health outcomes.

A World of Benefits Awaits You:

Step into a realm of benefits tailor-made to cater to your unique needs and holistic well-being:

Virtual Visits: Comfortable Care from Home Bid farewell to the hassle of commute and waiting rooms. Embrace the convenience of virtual visits, enabling you to receive world-class care without stepping out of your sanctuary. Our virtual platform brings the expertise of healthcare professionals directly to your living space, ensuring your well-being remains paramount.

Same Day Appointments: Swift Attention to Your Concerns Urgent medical needs deserve immediate attention. With our program, same-day appointments are at your disposal. No more waiting for days to address your concerns – receive prompt medical attention when you need it the most.

Uncompromising Quality Care: Your Well-being is Our Mission At SteadyHand, your health takes center stage. Our dedicated team of clinicians is committed to providing you with care of the highest quality. Trust that your health is in expert hands, backed by professionals who prioritize your well-being above all else.

Prescription Medications: Convenience Delivered to You Bidding farewell to pharmacy lines is now a reality. Say hello to seamless healthcare experiences as we deliver prescription medications directly to your doorstep. We understand that your health journey should be smooth and uncomplicated.

Dedicated Provider: Your Partner in Health Experience the transformational power of continuity of care. With SteadyHand, you are assigned to a dedicated healthcare provider who becomes your partner on this journey. This personalized approach ensures that your care is comprehensive, empathetic, and consistently aligned with your needs.

Limitless Provider Visits: Care Without Boundaries Healthcare knows no bounds with our program. Enjoy unlimited provider visits for any medical concern, offering you peace of mind and the freedom to seek care when it matters most.

Proactive Preventive Care: Safeguarding Your Well-being Prioritize your health with our proactive preventive care monitoring. Benefit from regular annual labs and screenings that detect potential issues at an early stage, allowing for timely interventions.

Guided Care Manager: Your Support System Navigate your healthcare journey with a dedicated care manager by your side. Our experienced care manager offers expert guidance, ensuring that your path to wellness is paved with expertise and empathy.

Diverse Visit Types: Catering to Your Needs Our comprehensive program spans an array of visit types, catering to diverse medical needs. From Acne to Birth Control, Migraines to Gout, Obesity to Sciatica, and beyond – your needs are covered under our holistic umbrella.

Reimbursement Simplified: Physician Order for Smooth Reimbursement Good news awaits – our program is eligible for reimbursement. A physician order is all you need for a streamlined reimbursement process that values your investment in health.

Flexible Subscription: Your Choice, Your Flexibility Join our program on a monthly subscription basis. This flexibility ensures that our program adapts to your unique needs and evolving health requirements.

Invest in Health, Reap Rewards: ICHRA, HSA, HRA Reimbursement Your investment in health should yield benefits. Enjoy the convenience of reimbursement through ICHRA, HSA, and HRA, ensuring that your commitment to well-being aligns with your financial goals.

Experience healthcare that transcends boundaries, redefines convenience, and amplifies your well-being. The SteadyHand Virtual Medical Home is not just a program – it's a commitment to your journey towards health, empowerment, and an exceptional care experience.

Welcome to the Future of Healthcare. Embrace Your Virtual Medical Home.SteadyHand: Your Pathway to Exceptional Care and Empowerment

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