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Introducing Our Home Kit: Tirzepatide Injection for Effective Weight Management


Note: Physician Order is Required




Embark on a revolutionary journey towards weight loss and overall well-being with our comprehensive Home Kit. Crafted to provide you with a convenient and potent solution, this kit encompasses everything you need to kickstart your path to a healthier lifestyle.


What's Included:

Tirzepatide Injection: Our specialized formulation of Tirzepatide is meticulously crafted to emulate hormones that target appetite-regulating areas of the brain. This injection facilitates weight loss and offers perks such as heightened energy levels, regulated sleep cycles, and an elevated patient experience.


Syringes: Accurate administration is paramount, and our kit provides you with the essential syringes for precise and comfortable injections.

Alcohol Pads: Your safety is our top priority. The included alcohol pads ensure a sterile and hygienic injection process.


Easy Self-Administration: Our Subcutaneous (Sub-q) Injection method empowers you to administer the dose yourself in the fatty abdominal area or thigh. Fear not about the process – a comprehensive video tutorial is provided post-purchase, guiding you through each step to guarantee a seamless experience.


Disclaimer: 502 Health is not a pharmacy and is only showing the pricing of compound pharmacy medications. Please note that you will still need a physician order to prescribe this medication. It is up to your primary care provider to write a prescription, and 502 Health handles the transaction.


Purpose and Benefits: Tirzepatide Injection's once-a-week dosage targets appetite and food intake regulation areas in the brain. By mimicking essential hormones, it aids in curbing food consumption, thereby facilitating weight loss.


Diet and Exercise: To optimize your results, we recommend integrating healthy eating habits and regular physical activity into your routine. These lifestyle changes will complement the effects of the Tirzepatide Injection.


Common Side Effects and Management: While the benefits of our kit are substantial, some users may experience occasional nausea. To alleviate this, we suggest simple dietary adjustments such as consuming bland, low-fat foods (crackers, toast, rice), opting for water-rich foods (soup, gelatin), avoiding lying down after eating, eating slowly, and spending time outdoors for fresh air.


Achieve Your Wellness Goals with Confidence:


Weight Loss: Witness the transformation as you shed excess weight and progress towards your desired goals. Blood Pressure Improvement: Experience potential enhancements in blood pressure levels. Cholesterol Enhancement: Tirzepatide's effects may contribute to improved cholesterol levels. Blood Sugar Regulation: Enjoy enhanced blood sugar control as you embark on this transformative journey.


Commence your journey towards a healthier, more vibrant life today. Embrace the potency of our Tirzepatide Injection Home Kit and take the inaugural step towards a brighter, healthier future. Your well-being is our steadfast commitment.

Tirzepatide 5mg/0.5ML 1ML (10mg)

Price Options
Tirzepatide Monthly
$210.00every month until canceled
  • You can include in medical expenses amounts you pay for
    prescribed medicines and drugs. A prescribed drug is one
    that requires a prescription by a doctor for its use by an individual. You can also include amounts you pay for insu-lin. Except for insulin, you can't include in medical expen-ses amounts you pay for a drug that isn't prescribed.

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